Dr Winnie


Dr Winnie is a dedicated Family Nurse Practitioner with more than 15 years of nursing experience with background in medical surgical care, urgent care, internal medicine, nursing education, women’s health and pediatric nursing. She is Flexible, quick learner who adapts easily to new situations and enjoy challenges. she is also Self-motivated professional with a commitment to providing quality medical/nursing care. Strong organizational and communication skills.

Dr Winnie is very passionate about women’s health – Fertility/Infertility. She is a fertility coach at Lem Fertility – assisting women and couples trying to conceive, visit mylembox.com for more on fertility/infertility.

She is also the founder of Lem Medical Supplies, supplying “Made in USA” Covid-19 testing kits antigen oral/nasal swab and much more – Lemmedicalsupplies.com.

You can also visit her YouTube channel #EatWithFacts where she shares her family`s recipes, nutritional values of foods, and some gardening tips. Yes! Dr Winnie Keeps a small garden in memory of her grandmother who was a farmer.

Dr Winnie is married with 2 children. She enjoys spending quality time with her Family. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and watching reality TV, including watching movies in the genres of Mysteries, Thrillers, Documentaries (Biography, Crime and History), some action and comedy.

Dr Winnie functions as your health advocate. So, if you reach out in any of her outlets, she will reply accordingly.