Sperm might play a role in fighting cancer, See how!

Scientists have discovered that sperm might play a role in fighting cancer.
According to Indy 100, A group of German scientists have come up with another use for sperm…
They theorized that sperm is the perfect carrier for medications that need to be delivered into the female reproductive tract. After all, sperm has one job: to get to the female egg.

The researchers tested this by creating a “micro-motor” that drives sperm, which they call a “cargo-delivery system,” The mini structure consisted of four arms that released the drug-loaded sperm when it bends upon reaching the tumor. The structure is coated with iron, which was used to guide and release the sperm in the right place using an external magnet thereby carrying medications to the female reproductive organs, this will help fight certain types of gynaecological cancer, which includes cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar cancers.
Their experiment revealed that, 15 out of 22 of the sperm/motor successfully release the sperm cells. They found a higher tumor cell-killing efficacy within the first 48 hours than the drug solution with the same dosage.
They conclude that their system may be considered in the future for cancer diagnosis and treatment.


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